Seawalls 101

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Seawall Repair

If you require a seawall repair, the first step is getting a trusted professional opinion. You don’t want to spend a great deal of money on a quick fix only to have to repeat the process soon afterward. Everlast Synthetic Products can offer you expert advice. Let us evaluate your situation before it becomes an …

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How to Build and Install a Seawall

With decades of experience, Everlast Synthetic Products has been providing superior Synthetic Sheet Piling for the construction of state of the art seawalls. Our seawall manufacturing and engineering expertise are second to none. As a helpful resource, we’ve created this general “How to Build and Install a Seawall” guide as an overview of the process …

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Bulkhead Repair

We are the leading provider of bulkhead repair services. Don’t “sink” good money after bad by settling for less — call us today!

Benefits of Co-Extrusion Over Mono-Extrusion

Vinyl seawalls are recognized as today’s superior product to prevent land erosion and flooding. Co-extruded vinyl is the leader in the control of land erosion and flooding. The timeless struggle to inhabit the area where land and water meet has finally been achieved with the introduction of this new and innovative product.  Housing, dockage and …

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Vinyl Seawalls

A vinyl seawall is a major improvement to your property, and it’s something that requires good planning. You will be adding a structure that will be protecting your land for decades to come, so it’s important to get it right. One of the primary considerations is the material used to construct the seawall. There are …

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Vinyl Bulkhead Construction

Advantages of vinyl bulkhead construction: Vinyl bulkhead construction has some definite advantages when compared to other materials used to construct bulkheads and seawalls. When you are going through the process of selecting the various options for your project, you should certainly consider vinyl bulkhead construction for long-term durability and a variety of other reasons. Let’s …

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Capping Options

EverCap By Everlast Synthetic Products Everlast Synthetic’s EverCap is a structural cap and wale system consisting of a customized alloy designed specifically for harsh marine environments. EverCap can reduce installation time while providing a clean, sleek look in several different surface finishes. Along with our other offered products for seawall construction, the EverCap is designed …

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Installation Tools

Installation tools for vinyl sheet piling are generally dependent on the soils being driven into. In sandy soils tools such as water jets, vibratory hammers, air hammers, and rail jets are often used. In cohesive clays and silts drop hammers, vibratory plate compactors, and backhoe buckets are generally the tools of choice. HPSI 65 Vibratory …

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