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EverComp Offers Unsurpassed Performance & Longevity

Installing EverComp composite pileFiber-reinforced plastic pile. EverLast engineers used their experience on thousands of marine projects to develop the optimum synthetic piling solution. EverComp pile offers a unique fiber reinforced plastic pile for unsurpassed performance and longevity. It is not affected by rust, rot, or corrosion and offers the longest life marine pile available on the market.

Tapering the piles results in greater passive earth pressures and skin friction. Also, as the pile is driven, sand and soil on the interior of the pile becomes densely compacted to create an extremely high modulus system.

Full-scale bending testing ensures that designs are carried out with confidence. Whether you are designing or constructing a pier, dock, or fendering system, EverComp is the only synthetic piling system that has been subjected to full-scale bending tests.


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Evercomp Wales and Caps

We invite you to download our EverComp property sheets to learn a bit more about this exciting product. Of course, we are happy to answer any specific questions you may have about the product, or whether it is the right fit for your seawall project.

EverCap Property Sheet 8-2-11 EverComp Cap Property Sheet 8-2-11 EverComp Wale-Beam Property Sheet 8-2-11