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World-Class Seawall Engineering

EverLast Synthetic Products is proud to offer a full range of seawall engineering services for our customers. Our licensed engineers can sign and seal seawall designs in numerous states. We work diligently with customers and engineers alike to keep your seawall project at or below budget. Let us help you save money on your seawall project today!

With our value-engineering solutions, Everlast can work with the successful low-bid contractor to provide a lower-cost or longer-lasting solution than the original specification.

Get Help With Your Seawall Needs

What We Offer

Initial Consult

Basic phone discussions regarding your project.

Conceptual Drawing

Conceptual drawings that we email or fax to you in AutoCAD or PDF format.

Preliminary Design

Preliminary Designs based on provided information about soil conditions and exposed wall heights.


Ability to work one-on-one with your professional engineer or contractor.

Comprehensive Design Capabilities

Full-fledged design capability including signed and sealed drawings at a competitive price.

Competitive Pricing

Value-priced seawall engineering services for owners, developers, and contractors.

Superior Designs

Provides superior designs as well as significant monetary and time savings.

Engineering Qualifications

The professional engineers at ESP represent the most knowledgeable experts in the industry. Whether you’d like some friendly advice for your backyard seawall or you’re ready for a comprehensive value-engineered design for a 500-slip marina, our staff is ready to help.

Over the last 30 years, we’ve completed over 5,000 successful bulkhead/seawall designs. We hold engineering licenses in over a dozen coastal states. This unmatched expertise assures the long-term performance of your structure. Indeed, ESP engineers represent the capstone of knowledge and expertise in the synthetic seawall industry.

Our designs use the latest AutoCad, Pile Buck, and Slope/Global Stability software to ensure accuracy and safety in our design work. We can assure you of the long-term performance of your wall long before installation begins.

Our engineers have designed projects for the U.S. Navy, Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, numerous state Departments of Transportation, municipalities, marinas, waterfront developments, and private residences. Let us get you the expertise you need and help save you money on your seawall project today!

Cutting-Edge Technology

U.S. Governmental Clients

Thousands of Successful Projects

Industry-Leading Innovation

Creative Problem Solving

Engineering Excellence

Conceptual Drawings

We have provided a number of our conceptual drawings in PDF format for your convenience. If you are interested in AutoCad drawings, please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.

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Whether you are just looking for a free project estimate, have questions about your seawall, or are looking to get started on your project we are ready to help!