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Levee and dike stabilization

Levee/Dike Stabilization

Levees and dikes fail because of the saturation of inherently poor soils due to the piping effect of water during flood events. The piping of water becomes a flow
which creates “boils” through the levee. The flow increases in velocity, resulting in a breach which ultimately compromises the entire levee.

Our vinyl and composite sheeting provides underground hydraulic cut-off that effectively stops the piping. This is an immediate and long-term solution for levee repair and stabilization at a fraction of the cost of redoing the thousands of miles of levees with either steel or clay.

Foundation protection

Foundation Protection

Vinyl sheeting provides an excellent erosion barrier against flooding to coastal homes such as this.

Retaining walls

Retaining Walls

Our composite sheeting is able to withstand the toughest geotechnical and civil applications and conditions.

Weir walls

Weir Walls

The advantage of vinyl is the longevity it provides to structures that are always in the water and whose purpose is to manage the flow of water.

Detention ponds

Detention Ponds

Synthetic sheet piling has become the material of choice for the construction of detention ponds. Our site- and budget-friendly product is replacing traditional materials such as concrete, wood, and block. Additionally, our sheets can easily adapt to accommodate outflow pipes and culverts.

Flood walls

Flood Walls

Flood walls can be constructed using vinyl or composite sheet piling to temporarily contain waters which may rise to unusual levels during seasonal or extreme weather events. Vinyl and composite sheeting is both lightweight and long-lasting, providing for rapid constructability and long service life.

Wave breaks

Wave Breaks

Composite sheet piling is ideal in this application since the water and organisms have no effect on the material and thus provides longevity in a marine environment at an economical cost. Moreover, the corrugated sheeting provides additional wave attenuation.

Cut-off walls

Cut-Off Walls

The EverStop 30 is the first synthetic sheet piling designed specifically for cut-off wall and Superfund site applications. When you require a chemically resistant solution at a low cost, choose the 30” wide EverStop cut-off wall panel that can be driven faster—with fewer interlocks!

Bridge abutments

Bridge Abutments

Synthetic sheet piles are used around bridges and end bents as well as other pile supported piers for scour protection.

Channel linings

Channel Linings

Vinyl sheets provide for the retaining structure and tie into pond liners at the wall’s base.

Complex site geometry

Complex Site Geometry

The versatile and lightweight features of our synthetic sheet piling makes difficult site development a breeze. No costly concrete footers or leveling pads are required.

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