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Benefits of Co-Extrusion Over Mono-Extrusion

Vinyl seawalls are recognized as today’s superior product to prevent land erosion and flooding. Co-extruded vinyl is the leader in the control of land erosion and flooding. The timeless struggle to inhabit the area where land and water meet has finally been achieved with the introduction of this new and innovative product.  Housing, dockage and manufacturing now enjoy long-term protection through the use of co extruded vinyl sheet piling products.

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Vinyl seawalls were preceded by wood, which decays and is weakened by many enemies: marine borers; concrete, which has iron reinforcement that rusts; steel, which also rusts; and aluminum, which corrodes. Vinyl is not subject to any of these issues. It is also safe for the environment and remains tough, resilient and aesthetically pleasing throughout its 50 year warranty period.

The construction of vinyl seawalls is an achievement accomplished through the process of extruding vinyl in either a box or Z profile. These are driven into the ground, interlocked beneath the water and/or soil, and then capped. There are two methods of extruding these profiles, which are known as mono-extrusion and co-extrusion.

  • Mono-extrusion is an outmoded process of forming the profile from a single material into the desired shape and size.
  • Co-extrusion is the manufacture of two extrusions simultaneously: a laminated bond of an ultra UV-stabilized capstock onto a tough and unyielding PVC base or substrate.

Co-extrusion of vinyl seawalls has several advantages:

  • UV protection. The capstock, which is the surface that realizes the highest degree of UV radiation, is blended with the optimum formulation to provide maximum available protection.
  • Impact strength and drivability. The inherent great strength of the substrate, coupled with the screening and color consistency of the capstock, offer great benefits. Unsurpassed load strength allows construction of taller walls. Impact strength creates greater drivability where sheets can be driven deeper and into tougher mediums. Greater resistance to boat traffic, wave action and debris impact are also realized.
  • Color consistency. Superior formulated capstock assures color consistency and fastness. Mono-extrusion color can vary from bundle to bundle due to variations in regrinds purchased on the open market.
  • Cost effectiveness. Although the manufacturing process is more expensive, the finished product is comparable to lower end mono-extruded profiles with the added benefits of strength and long lasting beauty.

Vinyl seawalls are used along property to keep the land and the water separate for many reasons, but the two primary functions are flood prevention and erosion control. When the water and the land intermix, several events may occur including structural damage, loss of usable land and environmental cataclysm. Buildings can be undermined, and shore and waterfront property can be washed away. In addition, chemicals, silt, mud, debris, pollutants and waste can get into the water. This creates an unsuitable environment for sea life and for recreation. Co-extruded vinyl sheet products are the best preventive construction material to deflect the devastating effects of intrusive water.

When a new vinyl seawall is planned or the replacement of an old one is required, the property owner or builder can contact the manufacturers of co-extruded products directly. Marine construction specialists can perform an evaluation of the site regarding elevation, tides, weather conditions, environmental regulations and whatever else may be necessary to determine the proper product and design application. The proper engineering of these structures is critical to the performance and the appearance of the bulkhead.

Whether it is a barrier against the ocean or a retention pond for storm runoff, only a qualified expert should make the proper determination. Our skilled engineers can make the difference in both the short term and long term performance of the system. Poor design, inferior products or improper construction techniques can have catastrophic consequences. The result can be loss of property, damaged structures, and environmental remediation issues that become the financial responsibility of the property owner. Do not gamble on nature; call a marine construction specialist before moving forward with any waterfront protection project.

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