Seawalls 101

Capping Options

EverCap By Everlast Synthetic Products

Everlast Synthetic’s EverCap is a structural cap and wale system consisting of a customized alloy designed specifically for harsh marine environments. EverCap can reduce installation time while providing a clean, sleek look in several different surface finishes. Along with our other offered products for seawall construction, the EverCap is designed for longevity and can withstand the elements. Our EverCap is available with varying finishes including a mill finish, powder coating finish, or an anodized finish.

Composite Cap

Capping your Everlast Seawall with a long-lasting, warranted Fiber Reinforced Plastic structural cap or with composite deck boards ensures a durable and user-friendly system. The aesthetic advantages consist of having a nice boardwalk feel to the top of your seawall while enjoying the long life expectancy that composite affords.

Concrete Cap

Concrete seawall caps are a very popular option in the Southern U.S. and Caribbean markets. Concrete caps encapsulate the vinyl sheet piling and provide an extremely strong structural beam to support the Everlast Seawall. These caps have a nice clean look and provide strength and durability for an Everlast Seawall.

Pressure Treated Wood Cap

Pressure Treated Wood Caps are an excellent way to cap and support an Everlast Seawall. These caps are popular due to their low cost and consistent strength and endurance.

[ updated 10/2018 ]

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