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Composite Sheet Piling

Learn How Composite Sheet Piling Can Save You Money

EverLast composite sheet pilings are now available in several different lengths, diameters, strengths and colors. Why should you choose to design with or install Everlast Composite Sheet Piling? We discuss some of the most popular benefits of this product below.

To find out more about composite sheet piling, how it differs from other materials, and how our product can save you money on your next seawall project, please contact us to speak with an expert. Also, be sure to check out our innovative EverComp product line!

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Durable and Affordable

A special marine-grade resin system locks in the thousands of interwoven rovings and mattings to produce a sheet piling that can withstand the toughest conditions. Still unsure of composites – just ask the Boeing engineers who have designed the new 787 with over 80% composite material!

Does steel give you the performance guarantee you would expect for paying thousands more on your seawall – not even close! Choose the seawall product that’s designed specifically for marine applications – and comes with an industry leading warranty.

Taller Wall Heights

Get all of the benefits of a vinyl sheet piling, while being able to achieve taller wall heights, even rivaling those designed and constructed with steel sheet piling!

Get the pressure-treated wood out of the water. Greater spans can be achieved with an all-synthetic part – especially parts designed for harsh marine environments.


The attractive graphite grey color blends perfectly with marine applications. We can even custom create a color if you’d rather have the rust look that a steel sheet pile would offer!

Compatible with Traditional Equipment

Not ready to retire your heavy duty pile drivers, vibratory hammers, and other steel driving equipment? Don’t worry! EverLast’s EverComp 26.1 can be driven with traditional pile driving equipment!

Composite Sheet Piling Technical Specifications

We invite you to download our specification sheets to learn a bit more about this exciting product. Of course, we are happy to answer any specific questions you may have about the product, or whether it is the right fit for your seawall project.

EverComp 26.1 Sheet Piling EverComp 47.5 FRP Sheet Piling EverComp 80.5 FRP Sheet Piling EverComp 100.5 FRP Sheet Piling

Featured Projects

Evercomp 26.1

Check out our products in action! Our Evercomp 26.1 Wave Break Design was used for a project in Texas, which was installed in advance of Hurricane Harvey. Our partner engineers produced a great design that withstood the wrath of the storm and is still holding steady and performing its job today.

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