Treating Customers Like Gold: Q&A with Sales Manager Steve Kulp

We caught up with Steve Kulp, Florida Sales Manager, to give clients a glimpse into the sales process and the culture of service at Everlast Seawalls. Good client relations are key to Everlast’s success, and superior service must start with the customer’s first point of contact, the sales representative.

Find out how Steve approaches the sales role at Everlast, and learn how the sales team helps to define and implement the company’s guiding principles.

Why do you love the seawall business?

I love this industry because there’s never a dull moment. Every project is different. Conditions on the build sites create difficulties, problems, and obstacles that must be overcome and solved before a successful project can be accomplished.

The problem-solving aspect of the job is very attractive to me, especially when I partner with our engineers for a meaningful, accurate solution for the customer.

What is the key to your success?

I combine my experience as a problem-solver with years of professional salesmanship in order to generate signed orders. I focus on keeping sight of the goal, which is obtaining satisfied customers.

Everlast co-founder Brad Lund says that the business succeeds because you “treat customers like gold.” What does that mean to you?

Treating customers like gold means treating the customer with respect, and that requires listening. After we understand the problem, we provide the client with timely answers to any doubts or questions that he or she may have.

Simply put, our motto is ”do what you say you’ll do.”

Why should customers trust you?

Customers trust me because I tell the truth, and I will back it up and support it with specific answers from our engineering staff.

You work hard for your leads. What happens when you get them?

I jump on them. I never let a lead sit, which translates to very fast customer response times. I want to be first to the table and have others follow my lead.

How would you describe your company culture, and how does it positively affect your customers?

Our company culture is focused on professional attitudes, characterized by a small company environment. We make sure that the customer feels that he or she is talking to helpful, friendly folks that care about their upcoming project, not a big corporate machine.


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