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Fun Spot in Orlando, FL

Scope of the Project

Water feature at Fun SpotA large contractor in Orlando, H.J. High, contacted Everlast regarding an upcoming project at Fun Spot Amusement Park. By law, construction projects in Florida are required to control water run-off in detention ponds, but most of Fun Spot’s property had to be filled with roller coasters and other amusements. Because policy required that the detention pond be deeper than usual, a vertical wall was needed to increase capacity.

The wall and lake bottom also had to be sealed to maintain the controlled water level necessary for the structure to function as an attractive feature of the park year-round.

PE and Chief Engineer for Everlast Synthetic Products, Carl Hazenberg, met with H.J. High management to discuss vinyl construction designs and methods to seal the sheeting and pond bottom. ESP recommended a local Orlando marine contractor, Hodgskin Outdoor Living, Inc. to complete the project using vinyl sheet pile. The wall was designed by Everlast engineers, signed, and sealed, and ultimately Hodgskin Outdoor won the bid to install the wall.

Overcoming Challenges

Once construction started, the contractor found that the soil reports did not show the true extent of hardpan soils in the area. Hard-compacted clay lenses made driving sheets very difficult. Hodgskin Outdoor decided to purchase a heavier air hammer to drive the sheeting. The going was still difficult, but the increased weight and energy allowed the sheets to penetrate to design depths. The heavy Series 8.5 Sheeting proved an excellent choice for this project due to the strength and durability of the profile. And although the driving was slow, the thick, strong profile of the sheets stood up to the heavier hammer.

The upcoming grand opening for the new section of the park presented another challenge. There was a great deal of construction being done all around the water feature. Buildings were built next to the wall before anchors could be installed. Our Chief Engineer had to continue signing off on design changes as the project progressed. The team had to work around contractors and their equipment, roller coaster foundations, and new building installations, all while everyone in the park scrambled to meet the time crunch.

Why Everlast?

We supplied Fun Spot and H.J. High with a complete solution for the all-important water feature. Not only did we provide the contractor with materials with the strength, durability, and clean appearance necessary for the job, we solved the many challenges involved in retaining water at constant levels.

Our engineers signed and sealed the drawings necessary for construction, provided the contractor with a first-class marine contractor, made design changes as the project continued, and visited the site to insure a smooth install. Not only was the general contractor pleased with the project, but Fun Spot was extremely pleased with the appearance and performance of Everlast’s products and engineering.

Fun Spot management wanted a good looking, clean installation that met the grand opening deadline, and they got exactly what they wanted. Although the water feature has a functional purpose, its finished look makes it a centerpiece for the park.

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