Case Studies

Replacing the Ocean Springs Harbor Seawall

Ocean Springs Harbor, MississippiIn early 2012, the Everlast manufacturing team provided new seawall materials for Ocean Springs Harbor, a bulkhead replacement project funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, and the City of Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

Construction ran from January 2012 until January 2013, led by General Contractor DNP, Inc of Biloxi, MS. Marine contractor Pink Marine Construction of Pass Christian, MS installed Everlast composite and vinyl sheet piling to replace materials that were steadily being broken down by salt water.

Effects of a Deteriorating Wooden Seawall

The wooden bulkhead that had been supporting Ocean Springs Harbor had a lot of problems. Because the wood was deteriorating, the backfill behind the seawall was rapidly running off.

The loss of backfill had started to affect multiple areas of the harbor, and the commercial shrimpers and fishers that docked there were unable to access their boats. As the wood broke down, the bulkhead became more vulnerable, and several hurricanes penetrated the barrier and damaged the entire structure.

The civil engineers at Seymour Engineering chose to use vinyl and composite sheet pile to give their design the longest possible life expectancy.

Rebuilding with Vinyl and Composite Piling

Ocean Springs Harbor, MississippiIn the shallow areas, Pink Marine installed ESP ESP 6.5 vinyl sheet pile in 28-foot long sheets. Vinyl sheet piling is quickly becoming the most popular seawall material for a number of reasons: cost efficiency, easy installation, attractive appearance, and exceptional durability.

In the deeper parts of the harbor, the contractor installed EverComp 26.1 composite sheet pile in sheets ranging from 35-foot to 39-foot lengths. Composite sheet piling provides all the same benefits of vinyl sheet piling, but can support taller walls.

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