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Improve Course Aesthetics & Save on Maintenance with Golf Course Lakewalls

Golf course Lakewalls at lake crossingEverlast designs and manufactures golf course lakewalls that vastly limit erosion, look attractive, and require minimal maintenance.

Long-Lasting Corrosion Control

Golf course seawalls and lakewalls contribute to the long-term value and life of a golf course. Unlike pressure-treated wood that rots, steel that corrodes, or concrete that crumbles, vinyl sheet piling can be a permanent solution with little to no maintenance.

Our walls create a permanent barrier between land and water. Once installed, even the harshest environmental conditions like rains and floods don’t allow erosion to undermine the walls. A lot of that has to do with the amount of embedment our sheets have.

Attractive & Feature-Filled

Our golf course lakewalls have a clean look, and we offer color choices to match the surrounding landscape. If the wall ever gets dirty, it can easily be cleaned with a pressure washer.

Landscape/golf architects can drive our sheets, fill the void, and create new real estate, too! This would be great for something like an island green. In many instances where both saltwater and freshwater canals have been dug, our sheets have been used as the new seawall to separate land and water.

Affordable & Minimally Disruptive

We’ve designed our vinyl sheet piling to accommodate golf superintendents and their budgets. Golf course lakewalls are often overlooked because of fear of the cost. However, after evaluating the long term costs, maintenance savings, and aesthetic benefits, the value speaks for itself.

In many northern climates, installs can be done during the winter months, so construction will have little to no impact on playability. In other cases, the work can be done in conjunction with normal play or in some cases with temporary tee boxes/greens. Crews are able to work quickly and normally have work completed within a very short time.

Course members are really excited about how great the lakewall looks. I’m thrilled because my mowing crew can now edge right up to the wall without having to worry about falling into the water!—Kenny Davis, Eagle Watch Golf Course Superintendent

Learn More About Installing Lakewalls on Your Course

We are teaming up with the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America to help design and retrofit golf courses that require long term solutions for seawalls, bulkheads, and retaining walls. Interested in learning more? Check out our article: Improving Your Golf Course with a Lakewall.

For additional information, check out our brochure or call us at 1-800-687-0036 for a free estimate! We will walk you through the entire process from features, benefits, costs — both short term and long term — and suggest local contractors to help with the install of your lakewall.

Everlast Golf Course Lakewalls

Golf course Lakewall near hotel
Isla del sol golf course sign
Lakewall at Isla del sol golf course
Golf course Lakewall at Isla del Sol
Swans near Lakewall on golf course Isla del sol
golf course lakewall
golf course lakewall
Wide shot of golf course lakewall
golf course lakewall
golf course lakewall side view
wide view of golf course lakewall

Protecting Your Investment

At Everlast Synthetic Products, we're dedicated to stabilizing shorelines of all kinds. Our golf course lakewalls protect against erosion, require minimal maintenance, and look great. Here are a few examples of Everlast products and engineering at work:

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Installing New Lakewalls at Bay Point Golf Club

After the course's steel lakewall had rusted away, we installed maintenance-free vinyl sheet piling topped with EverCap without disrupting golf play.
no alt

Replacing Wooden Lakewalls at Isla Del Sol Yacht & Country Club

Isla Del Sol saved thousands by replacing their golf course lakewall with ESP materials, and installing it themselves! Members love the course's new look.
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Designing Valuable Infrastructure for Fort Myers Country Club

Check out how Everlast products helped to create a foundation for "The Fort" to renovate its course. Excellent water control means gorgeous water features.

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