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Calling all Civil, DOT, & Marine Engineers: Composite Sheet Piling is the Future You’ve Been Waiting For

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Everlast Synthetic Products proudly combines US-based manufacturing innovation, engineering prowess, and competitive pricing to offer engineers incredible value when it comes to their sheet piling needs. 

Whether building marinas, roadways, canals, lakes, new real estate, floodwalls, or even cleaning up Superfund sites, ESP helps our clients build world-class infrastructure that conserves resources and stands the test of time. Our expert advice, project support, and cutting-edge products are second to none.

In recent years, our EverComp composite sheet piling products have struck a chord and grown increasingly popular with public and private engineers that are planning large infrastructure projects with exacting specs. The composite materials are proving an excellent choice to meet demand for more waterfront development, replace aging infrastructure, and revitalize maritime city centers. The secret is out that modern composite sheet piling has numerous advantages when compared to older construction materials like concrete and steel. 

Composite Resource for Engineers Planning Major Projects

Our aim here is to highlight the benefits of using composite sheet piling for large infrastructure projets organized by governmental bodies, commercial organizations, and public/private partnerships primarily within but not limited to the United States. Additionally, we aim to provide relevant and useful composite product information and make our engineers available to anyone with questions or in need of strategic and/or detailed planning support. 

Our overall goal is for engineers worldwide to consider ESP composite sheet piling for future projects in order to save time and money while benefiting from the additional flexibility brought to bear by modern technology and next-generation materials. 

The Composite Advantage

There are many benefits to composite sheet piling, but for brevity’s sake here are the top five reasons our EverComp composite materials are increasingly preferred by engineers over steel and concrete:

1. Lighter Weight for Upfront Savings

Despite comparable tensile strength, our composite sheet piling is significantly lighter in weight than steel. This means more linear footage delivered per shipment, whether by truck, train, or boat. Fewer shipments mean less gas, labor, and time—all representing additional savings on your project.

2. Longer Lifespan for Long-Term Savings

Composite material is strong and non-corroding. It doesn’t rust like steel or crumble at the seams and toe of the wall over time like concrete. ESP Composite sheet piling can last 50 years or more, reducing replacement costs compared to steel to provide long-term savings. Moreover, the strength of composite sheet piling allows for taller walls that can match the height of steel, so the switch from steel to composite does not diminish capability.

3. Versatility

Depending on your project, we have a specific EverComp composite product tailored to your needs. Our product portfolio includes multiple composite sheet piling options designed for maximum project flexibility. We offer varying lengths, diameters, strengths, and colors. Having the right fit for the job means you’re only paying for what you need, yet another avenue of cost savings. We currently offer EverComp 26.1, 47.5 FRP, and 80.5 FRP composite sheet piling. We invite you to check out our composite sheet piling page to learn more. 

4. Aesthetics

Though sometimes difficult to measure, it’s hard to argue that looking great doesn’t improve the overall success of a project and add value to the surrounding area. Particularly with gaining interest to return to a City Beautiful philosophy, how things look matters. ESP composite sheets are sleek, easy to clean, UV-resistant, and for larger projects can even be manufactured in the desired color to meet project specs and aesthetic goals. Industrial steel and bland concrete simply cannot compete when plans call for—or would benefit from—function and visual appeal.

5. Stronger Foundations

There is increasing demand from engineers for products that can drive deeper into the ground than the traditional 2’ footer on a concrete wall. Composite sheets can be driven deep into the ground for added strength and stability. This reduces the need for as many tiebacks, further reducing costs. Hit bedrock? Not too worry, innovative partners like Logan Marine have fabricated super-powered water jets and sheet piling “helmets” to break up rock and pound in sheets without damaging them. 

Here’s a video of Logan Marine’s impressive marina project utilizing our EverComp 80.5 profile:

Join the Composite Revolution

A Boeing 787 Dreamliner’s airframe is made primarily of composite materials, helping make the plane 20% more fuel efficient than any prior aircraft. Boeing’s use of composite materials for reliable strength and durability without all the extra weight steel and other conventional materials add is the exact same value proposition offered by ESP EverComp

Are you planning a major project that could benefit from our composite sheet piling? Give us a call or contact us today to speak directly with an engineer on our team and let’s discuss how we can partner on the success of your project!

Images from Recent EverComp Composite Sheet Piling Projects