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Installing EverComp Sheet Piling in Coquina Marina

EverComp Sheet Piling at Coquina MarinaThe beautiful Coquina Marina Harbor in Little River, South Carolina, requires unique shoreline protection. Every 12 hours, the marina experiences an 8-foot tidal change, causing severe stress to exposed materials.

To protect the harbor, Everlast engineers needed a product that would withstand these harsh conditions at a comparatively low life-cycle cost.

Our engineers recommended the popular EverComp sheet piling — the EverComp 26.1 Series, to be precise — which is a composite sheet piling designed to hold up under the toughest marine environments.

coquina1Our custom design features a poured concrete footer with tie rods attached by a 10” by 10” wale for added strength and stability.

The 26.1 Series EverComp Sheet Piling is driven with a traditional vibratory plate compactor, and the attractive graphite color of the sheet piling blends perfectly with marine applications.

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