How Melting Ice Can Damage Your Bulkhead, and What to Do About it

Spring Melt damages bulkheadIt’s that time of year again: spring has sprung. You wouldn’t know it from the snow on the ground in the Northeast, but the ice will soon melt, which could mean trouble for your bulkhead.

As the temperature warms up in coming weeks, huge slabs of ice will slam against the seawalls as it tries to melt. Seawalls made of traditional materials like wood or concrete take a beating during the spring melt, especially if the seawall is in disrepair or nearing the end of its shelf-life.

The deep freeze this winter has been longer and more extensive than recent years, so it’s especially important to be proactive in protecting your seawall and your property from flooding.

Preventive Measures

To avoid serious damage, look for punctured spots in the ice and breaches like cracks in the wall. Damage should be obvious, so be wary of areas with leaks. The longer you wait to inspect or repair your wall, the worse the damage. Keep in mind that delaying seawall repair means bad news for your land, your seawall, and the structures it protects.

The worst-case scenario in a spring melt is that you require a new seawall. If the wall can’t be repaired, ESP will recommend either vinyl or a stronger composite. We’ll find you a qualified and reputable local contractor that’s familiar with our product, so you won’t be alone on this. You’ll also end up with a product far more long-lasting even in the harshest environments.

How New Materials Benefit You

Stronger composite sheeting holds up well during the winter, as opposed to lightweight products and outmoded materials like wood and concrete. Composite sheeting is excellent during periods of cold weather impact.

EverComp Sheet Piling is especially apt for extreme conditions. EverComp Pile offers a unique fiber-reinforced plastic pile for the greatest possible durability and longevity. Our synthetic is unaffected by corrosion as well as rot and rust, and it offers the longest-life marine pile on the market.

If you’ve noticed damage or irregularities in your seawall during this year’s spring melt, just give us a call at 1-800-687-0036, and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction. Acting sooner rather than later will save you big.

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