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Perhaps the most frequently asked question we get is “What does a seawall cost?”

Wondering what a seawall costs is an understandable question since the cost of a seawall depends on many factors. As a result it’s not always easy to find reliable information when searching the web, for example.

When someone calls looking for an estimate on the cost to install a new seawall, we have a variety of questions we ask to learn more about the specific project and the overall objectives. In other words, we try our best to scope out the nature of the project so we can provide a timely and accurate estimate.

Seawall Cost Resource Guide

To help give you a better idea of what a seawall costs and how that price is determined by our engineering team (hint: not arbitrarily), we’ve created this resource page that outlines the common variables that affect the cost of a seawall along with other considerations that can impact price. These are the very sorts of “threshold” questions we inquire about when we create an estimate.

We will also conclude this guide with an offer to provide you with a custom free seawall cost estimate tailored to your specific needs. You can’t beat an actual free and easy-to-request estimate from the industry leader when you want to know what your seawall project will actually cost!

The Comprehensive Information You Need

Between this guide and your unique estimate, you’ll know more about how the costs are calculated and what you can expect your seawall project to cost.

Common Variables that Affect The Cost of a Seawall

length of seawall


The required length of a seawall has a large impact on the total cost of the seawall. This is because the longer the wall the more materials are needed. The seawall materials also need to get to the job site, so a longer wall may involve higher transportation costs. Additionally, a longer wall means more installation and construction labor, which will also affect the total cost of the seawall project.


The height of a seawall also impacts the total cost of a seawall project. If a seawall is installed in deeper water and/or in an area of higher water velocity, then the total height of the seawall will be higher, even if the above-ground portion remains the same. Though some areas with higher banks require higher above-ground (i.e. visible) materials. Similar to the length of a seawall, the height affects price because more materials are needed along with additional installation labor and potentially higher transportation costs.


The type of seawall materials needed for a project plays a large role in how much the seawall will cost. The decision of which materials to use is primarily based on how strong the wall needs to be. For example, a golf course lakewall does not require the strength profile of an ocean-facing wall and can benefit from a wall built with lower-cost but highly durable vinyl sheet piling. A seawall designed to hold up over time to waves of varying power, however, requires more strength and greater wall heights, making an option like a stronger wall of composite sheet piling the correct decision.

You can learn more about the variety of seawall options on our seawall products page. You can also learn about the high-tech process of how seawalls are tested for strength and durability on our seawall manufacturing page.


How relatively easy or difficult it is to gain access to a seawall project site will definitely impact the total cost of the seawall project. If marine contractors have sufficient ingress and egress to a non-remote property, costs will generally be lower.

However, if access to a project site is difficult because of physical and/or legal barriers, then workaround solutions may add to the cost of the project. For example, our recent seawall project at Caladesi State Park in Florida required materials to be shipped in by barge to get the job done.

environmental seawall cost factors

Environmental Factors

Everything from the weather and governmental regulations to hazardous materials and local ordinances can affect the cost of a seawall. A seawall installed on private land in temperate weather in shallow waters will almost certainly cost less than a seawall containment project at a Super Fund site like we installed in Florida.

Soil Conditions

Soil conditions are another variable that will affect the cost of a seawall project. Why? A good way to think of this is imagining the difference between driving seawalls and associated sunken tie rods into sand versus driving them into hard clay and rock beds. As you can imagine, the latter scenario of clay and rocks will require a lot more demolition, debris removal, and drilling work to ensure the seawall is installed properly.

To learn more about how seawalls are construction, please visit our article on how to build a seawall.

Project Complexity

Not all seawall projects are the same, nor are the requirements always straightforward. Some seawalls are multi-phase civil development projects built over years with a wide range of requirements and custom needs. Other projects, like a typical golf course lakewall, are relatively simple compared to the complexity possible elsewhere.

Generally speaking, the more complex a project the more planning, materials, custom modifications, and labor are needed. This is why the complexity of a seawall project can affect the project’s overall cost.


The timeline of a seawall project is another factor that has a large impact on the total cost of a seawall project. You’re no doubt familiar with the expression “time is money.” A tight timeline compresses the time allotted to the entire planning and installation project, and can often lead to overtime and additional material transportation costs.

Modern seawall technology is amazing, but human oversight and management is still crucial to a successful seawall installation. The more time a project takes translates into more hours of labor involved, raising costs. A short timeline might also require a rush on materials production, which could also add to a project’s costs.

Fortunately, ESP’s patented, state-of-the-art seawall technology is lighter weight and longer lasting than the alternatives, keeping both materials and installation costs down.

Understand What You’re Paying For When Considering the Cost of a Seawall


For all of the reasons listed above in this guide, it’s important to consider true cost vs. up-front costs when you’re considering the cost of a seawall.

At Everlast Seawalls, we only offer high-quality, corrosion-resistant products that stand the test of time. Is a wall that needs to be replaced in 10 years vs. 50 or more years really “saving” you money if it costs a little less now?

Similar to buying a roof for your home, you tend to get what you pay for. You’ll more than likely end up saving lots of money in the long term by investing wisely in your seawall now. Fortunately, at Everlast we are both affordable and long-lasting, so going with our products is a no-brainer for our clients and vendors.

Request Your Free Seawall Cost Estimate

The above guide largely is intended to help you understand the relative costs of seawalls based on common factors that affect price. For the reasons outlined, it would be virtually impossible to tell you exactly how much your project without learning more about your needs.

For that reasons, we invite you to use our free, easy-to-use seawall cost estimator form. We will be in touch with you shortly with information about the costs of your specific project and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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