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seawalls floridaEverlast Synthetic Products is dedicated to protecting the world’s shores, and the Sunshine State happens to have well over 1,000 miles of coastline.

Florida is lined by beaches and loaded with lakes that families live on and enjoy, and to protect those wonderful waterfronts, property owners choose long-lasting, attractive, and cost-effective materials to build their seawalls.

Our engineering designs are customized for the unique conditions of each site, and thanks to our Master Distributor Decks & Docks, we serve communities in every part of Florida.

Florida Seawall FAQs

We are proud to be responsible for many of the seawalls in Florida. We know the area well and understand the unique challenges and environments of the area.

We regularly receive questions about building seawalls in Florida, so we put together a Florida Seawall FAQ page to answer common questions. Of course, if we missed any then let us know and we’ll get right back with you, and maybe add it to our list! You can find this Florida Seawall resource here:

Installing Seawalls Along Florida Shorelines

At Everlast, we use new manufacturing technology to design durable vinyl and composite materials that won’t corrode in a harsh marine environment, one of the biggest factors in seawall failure.

Synthetic products don’t lose structural strength over time, so lighter materials can be used. This allows for lighter-duty equipment, reduces disruption to the property, and enables faster installation, saving money in the process.

Even more importantly, Everlast Synthetic Products do not leach the harmful toxic chemicals used in traditional timber walls. Our healthy Florida waters are cleaner and safer as a result.

Our Seawall Partners in Florida

We partner with Florida’s government agencies, municipalities, marine contractors, golf courses, engineering service organizations, condominium boards, waterfront communities, and individual homeowners to offer engineering support, designs, and materials.

Check out our FAQ on building seawalls along Florida’s lakes and coasts! To find out how we can add value to your property, get a free estimate for your project.

Protecting Florida’s Coasts

Everlast seawalls is dedicated to shoreline protection and stabilization. We protect the Florida coast from major storm events, unsound stabilization, and gradual erosion. Here are a few case studies featuring Everlast Synthetic Products at work:

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Divers, Pipes, and Helical Anchors, Oh My! New Seawall Canals in Cherry Estates, FL

Find out how Everlast seawall engineering and manufacturing helped Kelly Brothers Marine Construction update a canal bridge system in Lee County, Florida.
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ESP Partner Panhandle Contracting Installs ESP Patented Vinyl Cap Seawall in Shell Point, FL

Before expanding into marine contracting, Todd Thompson of Panhandle Contracting in Shell Point, FL had nearly two decades of experience with environmental projects. Many of these projects were related to initiatives directed by The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission […]
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Grayson Seawall Project in Gulf Breeze, FL

When you opt for a modern vinyl seawall, you get more than long-lasting erosion protection and a great look. Sometimes you even get a much-expanded backyard! That was the case for an ESP customer in Gulf Breeze, FL. Their existing […]

If you’d like to see more, check out our full list of featured Florida seawall projects, and learn about the services we provide. Ready to get started? Contact us today!

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